The South Wight Benefice
July & August 2024 Magazine It is hard to believe that I have been in the benefice now for six months. As we move forward, and as a lot of the initial settling in tasks have been completed, I am starting to look outwards into the community. To assist with this, the wardens and I have been working to create a “Welcome” booklet that can be dropped through letter boxes when homes become newly occupied. This is where I need your help, please keep an eye on the houses where you live and if you see a change of occupancy, please do pick up one of the booklets from any of our churches, or let one of our wardens know and they can arrange to get a booklet delivered. In August, we have a very busy month in the benefice. At the beginning of the month there will be a short outdoor service at the Chale show, where we will also have a stall to promote ourselves, later in the month, we will be holding the remembrance service in the St. Lawrence peace garden as we remember the sailors from the Canadian naval vessel Alberni, and later with the wardens at Chale and the team at SWAY (South West Area Youth), we are hoping to hold an outdoor service on a Sunday afternoon in August on Chale Green. Hopefully you will support these as we seek to be the exploding mustard seed or the yeast in our community (refer to my sermon from 9th June). To close, I want to share this quote that I came across, “God’s truths are not bricks to throw at people. They are bread to feed people.” Rob